söndag 13 december 2009

Zagreb - Santarcangelo Di Romagna - Vicenta

We are now waiting for the game between Milan and Palermo to stop before we can start our sound check. So i have some time to write for the first time in some days.
Some long travels and so much fun.

Zagreb was something totally new for me. The people at the Theater that we played in was super and we had a fantastic vegan satan meal before the show. And also we drank some local beer, wonderful.

I spent almost all night explaining swedish to a couple of girls who study swedish and lived in a small swedish town called Torsby for half a year.

We also met this guy called Alexander who said things in a special new way:

"There is only two reasons why i am here: Its free and you play a shellac cover."
"There is only two reasons why i have these glasses on: They make me look good, and they were free."

I hope to see Alexander again some day.


We played at Zoes Cafe and we had the best time. Eating so much food and were treated like kings and queens. The guys who have monogawa (Alexander and Marco) told us everything about italian styles and language, but they forgot to tell us that the Primo is only the first dish and that more will come. Hannes and I almost fainted during secondo...

Now: Soundcheck

Love / Fredrik

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  1. Vegan Seitan sounds delicious. I couldn't imagine how awesome it would be to be treated like a king and queen in Italy.