lördag 19 december 2009

Wurzburg - Berlin - Erfurt - Frankfurt

Hello dear friendos.

Long time no post. But here we go. In Wurzburg we played at this fantastic venue called Cairo. We supported Nathalie Stern and Gem Andrews. The best part of that show was staying at Madeleines place and Hanging out with Tillmann, Karro and Marco. We start to feel like home in Wurzburg and would love to come back really soon.

Being arty at design school in Vienna

After that we went to Berlin. Had a wonderful dinner at Hans Wurst and played at the Soupanova. That was the only show on this tour with a really small crowd but i think it was really intense anyway. Our love goes out to Marcus at Rewika for letting us stay with him and being so supportive. Also we met his better half Nadia. Marcus is giving her a vibrafonette for christmas. Dont tell.

Riding through Switzerland

Erfurt was super-duper-sweet. The crowd was lovely and for the first time i saw some folks that new all the lyrics. Thats weird and also wonderful.

Solander in action in Erfurt

Vic doing the Bizz.

Frankfurt is the most professional town in Berlin. I love it. We played at this really cool venue, The Hazlewood studio. When we come home we have a really good Barry White story to tell.

Today we are doing our final show. Also its Hannes Birthday. We are all excited to see how that turns out.

Hannes celebrating his birthday with "noch eine grosse tasse Gluwein"

Love / Solander

söndag 13 december 2009

Zagreb - Santarcangelo Di Romagna - Vicenta

We are now waiting for the game between Milan and Palermo to stop before we can start our sound check. So i have some time to write for the first time in some days.
Some long travels and so much fun.

Zagreb was something totally new for me. The people at the Theater that we played in was super and we had a fantastic vegan satan meal before the show. And also we drank some local beer, wonderful.

I spent almost all night explaining swedish to a couple of girls who study swedish and lived in a small swedish town called Torsby for half a year.

We also met this guy called Alexander who said things in a special new way:

"There is only two reasons why i am here: Its free and you play a shellac cover."
"There is only two reasons why i have these glasses on: They make me look good, and they were free."

I hope to see Alexander again some day.


We played at Zoes Cafe and we had the best time. Eating so much food and were treated like kings and queens. The guys who have monogawa (Alexander and Marco) told us everything about italian styles and language, but they forgot to tell us that the Primo is only the first dish and that more will come. Hannes and I almost fainted during secondo...

Now: Soundcheck

Love / Fredrik

torsdag 10 december 2009

Leipzig, Dresden and Vienna

In Dresden Hannes got a golden star from Victoria because of his good mood and moves. Also because of Hannes Being " on fire". Also the audience was on fire:

In Lepizig we found a fantastic vegan restaurant. I cant remember what it was called but it was super. The people running "Noch besser leben" is probably some of the nicest people on this planet. The club was really much living room feeling and we really enjoyed it.

Tonight we played in vienna and Bernard was the promotor. Right now i am under the sheets in his apartment. A huge apartment in the center on the town, with the coolest bath room ever. Ill post a picture tomorrow. The show was magic and people danced quite a bit!

Tonight Anja got the Victoria-golden-star-price for keeping her cool even when people were loud. The Victoria price is gaining more and more attention.

onsdag 9 december 2009

Some pictures...

Fredrik happy on the ferry - Germany here we come!

Waiting for the ferry inside and outside the car

Hannes preparing for the first show

Micke with the Pony bar christmas tree

At Pony bar

måndag 7 december 2009

Thank you Hamburg!

This was the first night of tour and it was lovely.

Thank you David, Thomas, Matthias and everybody else that came out and made the first night a night to remember! The place was crowded and the crowd was great!

Tomorrow we leave for Leipzig and further south i have heard that the weather is getting wormer and the landscape gets even nicer. The club is called Noch Besser Leben (a better life?) and makes a promise i hope that it can hold.

I totally love this, being on tour is a way of living, and it´s close to heaven.

onsdag 2 december 2009

The Real Dates: Starts on monday!

Some changes in the scedule has been done. But i think that this is it. There might be some more dates coming up, so be sure to come back soon. We will try to update the blog every day while we are away. Starting with Hamburg on monday!

07 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Pony Bar Hamburg
08 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Noch Besser Leben Leipzig
09 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Ost-Pol Dresden
10 dec 2009 20:00
Secret show: Get in touch! (thisisonlyatest(at)gmx.net) Wien
11 dec 2009 20:00
(HR) SC - Teatar & TD Zagreb
12 dec 2009 20:00
(IT) Zoe Café Santarcangelo di Romagna
13 dec 2009 20:00
(IT) Locomotiva Vimercate
14 dec 2009 20:00
(CH) House show Basel
16 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Soupanova Berlin
17 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Stadtgarten Erfurt
18 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Yellow Stage Frankfurt
19 dec 2009 20:00
(D) Rathaushalle Haßfurt

See you soon!
/ Solander