lördag 19 december 2009

Wurzburg - Berlin - Erfurt - Frankfurt

Hello dear friendos.

Long time no post. But here we go. In Wurzburg we played at this fantastic venue called Cairo. We supported Nathalie Stern and Gem Andrews. The best part of that show was staying at Madeleines place and Hanging out with Tillmann, Karro and Marco. We start to feel like home in Wurzburg and would love to come back really soon.

Being arty at design school in Vienna

After that we went to Berlin. Had a wonderful dinner at Hans Wurst and played at the Soupanova. That was the only show on this tour with a really small crowd but i think it was really intense anyway. Our love goes out to Marcus at Rewika for letting us stay with him and being so supportive. Also we met his better half Nadia. Marcus is giving her a vibrafonette for christmas. Dont tell.

Riding through Switzerland

Erfurt was super-duper-sweet. The crowd was lovely and for the first time i saw some folks that new all the lyrics. Thats weird and also wonderful.

Solander in action in Erfurt

Vic doing the Bizz.

Frankfurt is the most professional town in Berlin. I love it. We played at this really cool venue, The Hazlewood studio. When we come home we have a really good Barry White story to tell.

Today we are doing our final show. Also its Hannes Birthday. We are all excited to see how that turns out.

Hannes celebrating his birthday with "noch eine grosse tasse Gluwein"

Love / Solander

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  1. hej! i enjoyed your concert in erfurt. now i listen to the cd and remember a very nice evening.
    everyone of you are really pleasant, nice to met you. wish you all the best, nice christmas-time!
    and for hannes, a bit to late: hjärtliga gratulationer på födelsedagen!