lördag 24 oktober 2009

The Scraps of tape/ Solander - tour 09

This is a Kick-Off, this is a new beginning. This is the TourBlogg.

We have just sound checked in Halle (DE). Scraps of tape are a truly professional and adorable band. This is out first tour in europe while for scraps its their 10th.

On the boat to Rostock we played some cards and slept. On the floor in the lounge area i took a good look of who is with us:

Kenta: The goodest looking boy in this crowd. He is breathtaking. Also he is the one who takes the biggest responsability in driving
Klas: A wingmate, i think im gonna start call him Ice-man.
Anja: The most impressing celloplayer in germany right now. She plays the cello through Vox ac60. Thats rock and roll at its best.
G: Johan has the greatest beard around.
Hannes: We picked him up at hos job in a gigantic vikings house.
Marcus: A lovely hillbilly from Venestad
Jerker: A lovely man with a great sense of litterature.
Micke: Its hos last scraps tour, and his first solandertour!

Now im gonna drink a beer, eat some food, and sing as there is now (400km drive) tomorrow.
Ill keep you posted.

Welcome onboard / Fredrik

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